Extraordinary Meeting of North Dorset Green Party - General Election parliamentary candidate selection

29 April 2017

We are emailing to let you know that we are calling an Extraordinary Meeting on Saturday, 6th May at 2pm in the United Reformed Church in Blandford.  This is in response to a call from central party to ensure that anyone who wishes to vote green has an opportunity to do so.  We will, therefore, look to complete a formal selection process for the upcoming General Election. 

We invite all interested members to consider putting themselves forward as a potential parliamentary candidate in this election.  If you would like to be considered but are unable to attend the meeting, please respond with a statement which will be read at the meeting for attendees to consider before voting.  Once we have allowed each potential candidate to speak or be represented, there will be a ballot of all attending members and a final selection will be made.

In order for this process to succeed, we will need the signatures of 10 residents of the North Dorset constituency.  If you have not signed the selection form for any other candidate in North Dorset, you will be able to help us in this process.  It would be incredibly helpful if you were to bring your current polling card, if it is available, to enable us to copy your electoral roll number onto the official forms.

Naturally, at this meeting, we will also discuss the option of not fielding a parliamentary candidate, if this is the opinion of the majority of attendees.

We are sure that you will appreciate the short time frame in which we are under pressure to make these decisions.  We value all input so please do not hesitate to respond with any concerns. 

Yours Anna Hayball