Rally to Remain: A Different Europe is Possible

23 May 2016

Molly Scott Cato, Green MEP for the South West of England, topped the bill at an EU Rally and Information Evening held in Blandford on Friday.

The Rally to Remain: A Different Europe is Possible event also featured Hugo Mieville, Parliamentary Spokesman for North Dorset Liberal Democrats, and Bob Messer from North Dorset Labour Party, who joined Dr Scott Cato in making a progressive case for staying in a reformed European Union.

North Dorset MP Simon Hoare was unable to accept an invitation to be involved in the event, which was organised by North Dorset Green Party.

Each of the three speakers made a 15-minute opening address before the audience were invited to join the discussion, with a question and answer session.

Dr Scott Cato emphasised the role that the EU had played in securing lasting peace in Europe. She also went on to highlight its critical role in tackling corporate tax avoidance, in protecting the environment, and cooperating to achieve the Paris climate change agreement.

Anna Baker, Chair of North Dorset Green Party, said: “So far this campaign has been far too dominated by Conservative voices on both sides of the debate. This event served as an opportunity for people to come along and hear a more progressive case for remaining in the European Union.

“What was clear from the audience questions, was that there is still a strong appetite for more information and views, from a wider range of voices, to help people decide how to vote on 23 June.”

Members of the audience commented that it was refreshing to hear from local politicians and a member of the European Parliament, unmediated by national media narrative.

The event was held at Blandford Parish Centre, The Plocks, Blandford Forum on Friday, 6 May 2016 from 19:00 to 21:00.


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